Covid-19 Care at Rapidwash

In the fight against COVID-19, we are walking the extra mile and taking all the measures to ensure the safety of our associates, teams and customers. Be it inside the processing unit or while our associates are busy picking up your orders, our commitment to safety is unwavering and steadfast.

We have put measures in place at our processing units to maintain individual and group safety during the Coronavirus pandemic. In the face of extraordinary challenges, all services have been transformed. From increased infection prevention measures to COVID-19 testing for staffs and associates; ensuring social distancing norms are followed by all. Temperature checks, hand sanitization, and mandatory masks for all are few other measures taken at our processing units as part of COVID safety measures. Our safety measures do not extend to just the gates of our processing units but the customer’s home as well.

We are also providing community outreach via our social accounts during these tough times, informing and educating people about how to stay safe and keep others safe as well.

Your safety is our utmost priority. And we are transforming and staying a step ahead of the challenges by reinforcing our safety protocols every day.

We appreciate your understanding and compassion.


Rapidwash Covid-19 Wear Mask


Universal mask use can significantly reduce virus transmission in the community.

We ensure that all our wash care experts, associates, and staff members are masked at all the times in the premises and while they are out for pickup and/ or delivery.

Rapidwash Covid-19 Maintain Social Distance


We ensure that the teams are maintaining social distance in the premises. Only necessary team members are allowed in premises to ensure higher safety of everyone.


All the articles received from customers undergo disinfection after they arrive in the processing units.

The same is repeated before it is delivered to the customers by our associates.

Rapidwash Covid-19 Wash Hands 20 seconds


All our team members wash hands at regular intervals. They are further equipped with gloves for minimal interaction with customer products.

They also undergo regular temperature measurement for added safety and precaution.

Rapidwash Covid-19 Work From Home


All the staff members who can work from home are availing the facility. We ensure minimal attendance in the processing units but you can connect with us any time as usual.

Rapidwash Covid-19 Vaccinate


Our teams are vaccinated as per the GoI guidelines issued from time to time.

We are taking maximum possible precautions at our end. We hope you continue to be safe and enjoy our services.