The ideal service for your everyday laundry needs you want professionally cleaned and returned pressed in a lovely packing. Let’s face it, doing Laundry is rarely anyone’s favourite chore. Whether you are a part of a lovely family or you are living the best bachelor/ bachelorette days of your life, the pile of laundry is never-ending. Laundry is not only an essential need but also the simplest way to look sharp in front of your boss, or at your cousin’s wedding or on your first date.

The clothes we wear in our daily lives picks up dirt, sweat, body heat, and stains etc. all of which make them conducive for harmful germs like bacteria and/ or fungi to live and grow. Laundry Service is the washing of clothes with water and detergent in order to remove the germs, focus on more localized stain removals, and keep the garments last longer all the while exuding a fragrance which makes you the centre of attention.

As soon as the washing process is complete, the clothes must be dried immediately. Molds on clothes can grow because of dampness and lack of ventilation, or when clothes are left wet for a prolonged period. These molds may cause a foul odour in the garments and/ or result in rashes or other skin irritations. Just as in washing, different materials need different amounts of time to dry and get to the warm fuzzy feeling that the clothing always intended to provide. Our RAPI-tech time-integrated processes ensure that none of your clothes have to wait to breathe free.

When we do our day-to-day activities in our regular daily-wears, they become stretched, crumpled, baggy and out of shape. In order to restore their shape folding or ironing is needed. All our Laundry packages include folding. Organic steam press is available at an additional charge. To know more about ironing service, please visit our service upgrades page.